Historic Major-Donovan House

Project:  Rehabilitation, Preservation, and Repairs to Historic Major-Donovan House

Project Owner:  Private Owner

Location:  Birmingham, AL

Contract Amount:  $60,000

Period of Performance:  September 2009 – July 2012


The Major-Donovan House (c. 1907) is a two-story clapboard and fieldstone house with large wraparound porch on the first level, an open sleeping porch on the second level, and pairs of enormous stone piers. This 3900-square foot Craftsman house was originally built as a summer residence and prototype for development of the Roebuck Springs District. The Major-Donovan House is one of the contributing buildings in the Roebuck Springs Historic District on the National Historic Register. Outside The Box performed interior renovations, water supply and distribution system replacement, structural repairs, exterior repairs in keeping with the historical profile, interior and exterior painting, and installed a new roof.


Historic Major-Donovan House

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